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Autism & Cerebral Palsy

The Ayush Samiti / Autism & Cerebral Palsy

How to fight Autism & Cerebral Palsy?

Both problems originate in the brain, but they manifest differently. Whereas cerebral palsy primarily affects the part of the brain that corresponds with motor functioning, autism seems to relate more to social interactions, language, and behaviour.

The most effective treatments available today are behavioural analysis,occupational therapy, speech therapy, Ayurvedic physical therapy, and Medhya Rasayana therapy.

Physical therapy especially Ayurvedic Panch Karma procedures are effective treatments for cerebral palsy. Often started at a young age, the treatment builds strength, flexibility and coordination, improving a child's independent motor functioning. The TMP massage and physiotherapy is done for cerebral palsy that controls the Nervous system, Physiological function and corrects Metabolism. The Ayurvedic therapies focus on: To get their metabolism right. Medhya group of medicines are given to strengthen the brain.

The Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet may be recommended to help improve behaviour in autistic children. Some children with autism have a short term decrease in autistic behaviours when following this diet.

The programme customized for individual needs, including yoga, brain balancing exercise, sensory diet, and other sensory integration therapies are based on the scientific research conducted Ayush Clinic on NMD, Bhilai India. The treatment is effective for children with hyperactivity, learning disability, autism and cerebral palsy.