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Mitochondrial Diseases

The Ayush Samiti / Mitochondrial Diseases

How to fight Mitochondrial Diseases?

The process of converting food and oxygen into energy requires hundreds of chemical reactions, and each chemical reaction must run almost perfectly in order to have a continuous supply of energy. When one or more components of these chemical reactions do not run perfectly, there is an energy crisis, and the cells cannot function normally. As a result, the incompletely burned food might accumulate as toxin inside the body.

This is called Auto-toxin. In Ayurveda this is called as Ama Dosha. These auto-toxins can stop other chemical reactions that are important for the cells to survive, making the energy crisis even worse. In addition, these auto-toxins can act as free radicals (reactive substances that readily form harmful compounds with other molecules) that can damage the mitochondria over time, causing the mitochondrial disorders. Mitochondrial diseases might affect functions of the brain, nerves (including the nerves to the stomach and intestines), muscles, kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, ears, or pancreas. Depending on how severe the mitochondrial disorder is, the illness can range in severity from mild to fatal.

Mitochondrial disease is diagnosed by evaluating the family history, performing physical and neurological examination. Other tests may be needed such as: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) if neurological symptoms are present; Retinal exam or electroretinogram if vision symptoms are present; Echocardiogram if heart disease symptoms are present; Audiogram or BAEP if hearing symptoms are present; Blood test to detect thyroid dysfunction if thyroid problems are present. And blood test to perform DNA testing with whole exome sequencing.

There is no 100% cures for mito-diseases, but ayurvedic treatment can help reduce symptoms, or delay the progression of the disease. Ayurvedic treatment with Rasayana molecules are medicinally important. Curcumin, Withanaloids, Boswellic acid and Fulvic acid are efficient to stop further deterioration of muscles due several genetic NMD, including mitochondrial diseases. These molecules are basically anti-oxidants, blocks nuclear k-factor and will help delay the muscle degeneration. The medicines improves muscle strength and functional abilities. Ayurvedic Rasayana medicines do not alter the patient’s genetic code or introduce genetic materials into the body. These safe and natural medicines are developed and being clinically used by AMDS India for Care through Ayurveda research project since 1995.

Treatment with Rasayana molecules give lasting relief if used along with TMP* Ayurveda therapy and physiotherapy. Every child and adult is “biochemically different.” That means that no two people will respond to a particular treatment in a specific way, even if they have the same disease. Treatment is always individualized for each patient.